The Power of ‘Giving’ In Your Home Staging Business

We all know the importance and role that we as business owners can play in giving to charities that need our support. For years now the PRES Staging Resource Centre requests that all training home clients make a donation to their charity of choice, instead of paying us for the home makeover. This has amounted to thousands of dollars and is win-win for all concerned.

This article isn’t about giving to charities though. It’s about giving gifts that you as a home stager can offer your prospects, your clients, your strategic alliances and anyone who knows about your business.

Giving means to ‘make a present of something’. The thing about giving is that it makes you feel good AND it makes the recipient feel good. And in business it’s another way for you to get your name out there and to be remembered – in essence it’s all part of your marketing strategy and it does work.


You might be wondering as a home stager what you do have to offer in the way of gifts. You have lots to offer! Let’s take a look at a few ways of getting your name out there in a really ‘feel good’ way.

1. Give the Gift of Your Free Ezine…if you haven’t started writing an ezine (enewsletter) yet now might be a good time to start thinking about that. People love to get ezines that are full of great content and high value to them as a reader. You start to build a relationship with them so that in time they get to know you, like you and trust you.

2. Give the Gift of a Free Home Staging Job…for a fundraising event or as a door prize. I’m not suggesting you do this one a lot but doing one of these once a year can get you some great exposure. And by doing the work you may just get yourself a client from it – and maybe some referrals!

3. Give the Gift of Referrals…there will be times as a home stager that you cannot meet the needs of your prospects or clients. By referring someone to them this is a great way of looking good even though initially you may feel that you are losing business. The person you referred may compensate you with money or by giving you a referral when they need someone with your qualifications. Networking groups are fantastic ways to find people you would refer, and to let people know who they can refer to you.

4. Give the Gift of Speaking…many home owners love to hear talks on how they can prepare their property for selling. Having done hundreds of talks myself, the interesting thing is that every time I do a ‘free’ talk at a library, a school, a trade show or a community center – I always get clients! Many of the attendees start out thinking they can stage their own home but the reality soon sets in that they need to call in the professionals – and that means you!

5. Give the Gift of A Thank You Card…in today’s high tech low touch world we all receive too many emails. While saying ‘thank you’ in an email is nice, it’s far better to send a real greeting card with a heartfelt message. Whether you use an automated greeting card system like Send Out Cards, or you have your own cards, take a few minutes to keep in touch with your prospect or client. If you send the right message and include your business card, people will remember this far more than an email.

Give without expectations of what will come back to you.I know that sounds like a contradiction yet I have found when I just give freely some pretty amazing gifts come back to me – some I couldn’t even have imagined!