How to Exercise at Home For Women

Having the choice to exercise at a commercial health club or to exercise at home for women who have long hours of work or Moms with difficulty commuting with their children, then home exercises are almost always a better option.

There are several factors or ways to design a basic home gym, and it can start from $30 and go up to hundreds of dollars to have a home-based gym.

When I personally train home clients I evaluate the following criteria:

-Body strength

-Space availability and


In general, the stronger my client is the less fitness tools we need because I can literally create tens of exercises with very minimal tools by using the body and other techniques for creating resistance training.

If you are a beginner you still don’t need a lot of fitness tools, but you can have an advantage in investing in some extra fitness tools if you choose too.

For the space issue, women’s home exercises don’t need a lot of space as long you have enough for your body length and the ceiling is high enough which should be about two feet above your head. The same thing goes for affordability, if you have a limited budget then that is fine, but the more you can afford the more choices you can have. And that can translate to a variety of exercises with less chance of becoming bored.

How to Effectively Exercise at Home for Women

-Tools: The fitness tools can be from simple resistance bands and small dumbbells to a whole set of dumbbells with a rack, getting a treadmill, or other cardiovascular machines.

Women’s Home Exercises can range from basic to powerful

1. Push-ups and using its many varieties of angles to improve the different upper body muscles.

2. Using your legs to perform squats, wall squats, lunges, walking lunges, combo lunges, inner thighs, body weight exercises, and the list goes on.

3. With minimal tools you can work your back through isometric training, body visual resistance training, and other very affordable tools or things you have in your home to use.

There are many ways you can create exercises at home, and you will get great results. You just need to do it.