Build Better Relationships With Clients Through Web Conferencing

Agents may be able to service prospects from their home or office using the web.

Thanks to cutting edge technology for the web, insurance agents can now seek help in strengthening the relationships that they build with clients, while simultaneously improving the efficiency of their work.

Their processes have already incorporated e-mail and websites that are simple to navigate. However, now web conferencing is making it possible for users to bring a significantly higher amount of personal attention coupled with value directly to the customer.

“Thanks to web conferencing, it is possible to show clients live views of absolutely everything on the computer screen,” suggests Rene Lacape, Member of the San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Marketing Manager for eQuote Life Insurance. “You can deliver your presentation on power point slides, show insurance illustrations and graphics, run some numbers through a spreadsheet or a rate calculator, and can do anything else that you need to show your clients exactly what it is that you are talking about.”

Web conferencing is capable of providing real value on an immediate basis to any insurance agent who is looking for an edge over the competition. The data-heavy information this industry is known for can be confusing for clients, making it frustrating for them to understand the value being provided if they are not able to see results placed side by side to one another.

According to Rene Lacape, “Web conferencing makes it possible for you to show your clients exactly what it is that you need them to see. Forget about wasting time setting up meetings in person, or traveling to their home. Clients no longer need to put off appointments, not when you can immediately and easily address their needs.”

Insurance agents are finding that web conferencing makes it possible for them to enroll new clients all together without ever having to leave the comfort of their office. Agents can easily display all of the necessary details regarding claims, policies and applications in situations that would be difficult to communicate on a verbal basis.

Web conferencing creates a greater amount of personal interaction than what a telephone could possibly offer. It provides for a significantly improved balance between work and life. Anyone can host a web conference, because all that is required is a computer with a broadband connection and a telephone, says Rene Lacape.

Web conferencing can offer a variety of outstanding benefits nearly immediately, including:

– Allowing you to create interactions with clients that are more meaningful than before. Understanding the documents associated with insurance is difficult by nature. Web conferencing makes it possible to walk through the entire process on a step by step basis with clients following along.

– Allows you to reduce errors and omissions (E&O) risk – Web conferencing can reduce errors and omissions insurance risk. The best way to do this is through better communication which is why web conferencing makes it possible. By delivering clear communication through the web conferencing application, agents can better communicate with clients on a personal and professional level.

– Allows the sharing of forensic evidence. You can quickly demonstrate the extent of damage through actual photographs rather than trying to make photo files small enough that they can be attached to an e-mail.

– Allows you to enroll more shoppers. Vehicle insurance rates vary significantly from state to state, which creates a shop around mentality. Quick and simple web conferencing can show clients exactly what happens during the quoting process, while building a rapport with the client and increasing the likelihood that a sale will be closed.

– Allows you to appeal to a younger clientele. “Web conferencing provides your clients exactly what they need, which in most cases is a trusted voice that can guide them through everything they need to know about insurance,” suggests Rene Lacape. “Web conferencing tends to appeal to technology savvy, younger clients who feel frustrated by the paper driven processes that the industry is known for.”

– Allows you to correct typing errors when they occur. Clients can watch as their policy information is offered, allowing you to capture data quickly and more easily and with a greater accuracy since corrections can be made immediately.

– Allows you to resolve information technology problems on a remote basis. Rather than outsourcing technical needs, you can show an IT person exactly what is going on so that they can take control and fix the problem remotely rather than waiting for an IT specialist to come on site.

– Allows you to appear bigger than you actually are. Even the smallest agencies can host web conferences in the same way large companies do.

– Allows you to improve your lifestyle. You can travel less and spend a great deal more time on the more important things in life. There are dozens of low cost options for web conferences, and almost all of them offer free trials. Typical plans give unlimited sessions for as many as ten to fifteen participants and only cost about $50 per month. When shopping around, it is important that you develop a good relationship with the company and their customer service contacts. You also want to make sure that you can be confident in the customer support that will be provided to you.

Regardless of whether you need web conferencing for small scale operations or large scale operations, there is sure to be a service out there that will meet the needs of your insurance company. “Web conferencing has come of age and is a great tool that should be seriously considered by any agent,” says, Rene Lacape.