Home Staging Design

The market is stabilizing and property is not selling as quickly as it had in the past several years. Which is why you may be asking yourself then why in the world would I not stage a home? Isn’t the idea to get top dollar for your home/client? In most cases staging a home costs less than your first price reduction. The important thing is that staging makes your listings look great and sell quickly with the greatest amount of profit and the least amount of effort on your part.

Home staging or the dream weavers of the real estate world. It can turn your home into another house in a matter of days.

10 Home Staging Techniques to Transform Your Home

1. Create curb appeal.
2. Repair and paint.
3. Clean and uncluttered your work and storage area.
4. Store your personal items and limit wall decoration.
5. Choose impartial colors.
6. CLEAN!!!
7. Rearrange your furnishing.
8. Uncluttered your home.
9. Preview what the potential buyer wants to see. Go room to room
10. See what they see.

Accessories Stagers Use:

* Mirrors
* Plants
* Silk Flowers
* Floor & Table Lamps,
* Area and Throw Rugs
* Small Love Seats
* Ottomans
* Afghans
* Pillows
* Inflatable Queen-Size Beds
* Baskets
* Plastic Tables & Chairs

How to Start a Home Staging Business:

Read About It – If you want to start a business of home staging, then you should first learn about it.
Practice – Before going out to decorate others homes, you have to practice the same in your own home. See whether or not you are capable of doing a proper job. Try and improve one section of your house everyday. If you practice well, you will do great in the outside world.

Talk to Others – Before you start your own business, you have to learn more about the business you are going to deal with. Talk to other people who are in this business. Learn how they do their job, learn who your competitors are. Also learn about the mistakes that the other home stagers have made, so that you do not make the same mistakes.

Know the Laws – Whenever you start a business, you always have to get yourself registered. Make sure that the business that you have set up has followed the laws and all the regulations of the area where you have started your business. The laws may vary from one place to another. Get a business license and also come up with a name for the business. The name should be attractive and interest the clients.

Create a Portfolio – The next thing that you have to do while starting a home staging business is creating a portfolio. Prepare a list of all the homes that you have decorated and the feedback that you have received. Do some jobs for free for a few clients so that you can not only show some sort of work experience but even these customers can give some good reference when you need it. They can also help with advertising the name of your business.

Advertise – Now after you have started your business, you have to carry out a promotional advertising, so that people know about it and they come to you for your assistance. You can either advertise in the newspaper, or any other form of advertising that gives you good exposure.

Work at Home Online Jobs – Are They Your Future?

Work at home jobs and businesses are not at all new concepts. Child day care centers, catering businesses, cake cookery and so forth, are some of the work at home businesses which have been in existence for a number of years. None the less, work at home jobs are on the rise today with the advent of the internet.

Working at home online is able to provide you numerous job opportunities and makes it uncomplicated for you select a desirable job very easily. All you will want to begin an work at home job is a computer with a web connection and of course a telephone. It should be mentioned, that you will need some basic computer ability and know how to access the internet. Here are a few of the home based jobs that are available to you talked over below.

A home based agent is somebody who has a office at home, where they work from. they furnish customers with information, answer any questions that may arise, resolve issues, provide client care, respond to their e-mail and etc. Nearly all these companies have trouble fulfilling a good standard of their customer services tasks, that meet with their satisfaction. Therefore, they are quite happy to pay home based agents, who will care for there customer services.

It is a recognized fact that home based agents are able to earn more than that of a traditional customer service agent. Work at home client service jobs not only benefits the employee, it also benefits the company that employs them. Aside from giving a quality service, the company is also able to save money on office rent, stationary, equipment and so on.

Virtual assistants is yet another popular online work at home job. Virtual assistants supply administrative and clerical services to the company that hires them and they get paid for the service they provide. They may as well have to provide technical or creative support for the company. A virtual assistant will want to have educational qualifications and previous experience. If you are wishing to be a virtual assistant, then just search the internet, to find a list of companies looking to engage virtual assistants.

A online tutor is yet another online home based job which requires some previous skill and educational qualifications. There are numerous internet based companies available to you, that offer help to students of different ages and in assorted subjects. If you have the adequate knowledge in advanced math’s, science or even a language, you will be able join any of these companies as a online tutor and can earn a good wage from this form of job. Just about all the online tutor companies provide flexible working hours and so you can work conveniently to your own life style.

Data entry processing is getting one of the most popular work at home jobs. You need to fill out the forms provided by the company engaging you through been on the net. Each form takes only a few minutes to complete and so you can make up to $300 per day.

Since almost all of these companies are in tremendous need of data entry processing employees, they are ready to pay good salary to home based workers like you. You will not require to have any previous experience to get this job. Most of the companies provide online training that would not take more than one day for you to finish.

Medical transcription is yet another superb work at home online job which requires some special qualifications. It is important for a medical transcriptionist to understand the medical terms. Virtually all of these companies prefer to hire experienced prospects for this work. You need to transcribe and edit the records and send it the company that engages you.

It is also important to be fluent in the English language with this type of of employment. Though little effort is required for this occupation, you can still earn a good wage.

Work at home online jobs are advantageous to stop at home parents, disabled people, retired persons and college students. You can also earn a full time wage provided you are ready to work for full time hours on regular schedules. You can also enjoy health benefits, pension and etc, from the company that employs you in an online home based job. So do not delay begin looking today!

What Is the Correct Home Health Care Franchise for Me?

There are over 14 different home health care franchises out there to choose from as a business opportunity. Which is the right one for you and what are the differences?

Right now, the home health care industry is booming but even without the boom it would still be a good business to get into. It has some features that are particularly good when looking at what type of business to get into. It has repeat customers, is recession resistant, has a management style business model, and has in-demand services.

Repeat customers are important aspect to any business. It is much easier to grow a business when you have a base to work with. You can provide good service to keep your current customers while you grow the business by finding new customers. Plus, with repeat customers, you have a better chance of an existing customer referring your services to someone else since they see you often.

The in-home health services are always going to be needed to some extent because it is based on the age of people rather than some fad.

Typically, you manage this type of business rather than do the physical work. Because of this, you can enjoy a white-collar style position. Also, it is easier to sell a business in the future if you manage as opposed to “being the business.”

Right now, the home health care services are in demand and will continue to be in demand so the aging population can stay in their home while they age.

So what are the differences. The main differences are the services provided. Almost all provide non-medical services. In addition to the non-medical services provide, some will provide medical services, staffing services, and placement services.

Non-medical services may include light house cleaning, light cooking, companionship, transportation, bathing, dressing, grooming, repositioning bed-bound patients. Most non-medical services can be provided by a Certified Nurse Assistant or a Home Health Assistant but verify this with each franchise.

Medical services could include wound care, giving medication, physical therapy, blood sugar testing, IV hookups, catheters, etc. Medical services typically require a Registered Nurse to be a director with LPN’s or RN’s performing the work.

Staffing services are another revenue source that some franchises chose to add. Since you are already finding work for caregivers by getting your own clients, you could easily speak to hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living homes, etc to see if you can place employees into their systems. If you have an abundance of caregiver applicants, this seems like a great additional revenue source. Keep in mind, your main focus should be building in-home clients for your caregivers. Also, remember that there are companies that do just staffing for health care workers.

Placement services or assisted living placement services are another revenue source for many of the franchises. When your client becomes unable to live at their home, you can refer them to an assisted living home or nursing home if needed. You will receive a referral fee from the assisted living home or nursing home. You will have the referral agreement created with the homes before you start referring clients.

You may just want to focus on non-medical and/or medical and not worry about the other services. Or maybe you see the advantage of being able to offer those additional services.

Another aspect to look at when choosing the right one is what type of workforce do they have. Almost all the systems make their caregivers employees, while just a couple make them independent contractors. This model can make a substantial difference to your bottom line.

Also, you may want to find out if the franchise company works with Medicare and Medicaid. Some people view this as a positive because of the guaranteed payments while others know the hassle it creates and the lower payment produced by Medicare.

All of these are aspects to consider when you are looking at which home health care franchise to buy into.

We can help narrow down which one is best for you. We are franchise consultants that specialize in the home health care franchises. Our services are free to you, we save you endless hours of searching for the right one, we get you in contact with the appropriate people quickly, and we have other references and material to help you conduct your research.